The Bib API

To use the Bib API endpoints, your key must be assigned the Bibs Read role. Additionally, some endpoints require the Bibs Write role. See Administering Sierra API Client Keys in the Sierra WebHelp for more information.

The Bib API contains methods for retrieving, creating, updating, and deleting bibliographic records and related MARC information.

With the Bib API, you can:

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Bib Object

Get a List of Bibs

GET /v6/bibs/

Returns the properties of the first x bib objects, where x = the default record limit.

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Generate a Binary MARC Data File of Bibs

GET /v6/bibs/marc

Generates a data file of MARC records for a specified list or range of bibs.

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Get the Generated Binary MARC Data File

GET /v6/bibs/marc/files/{id}

Retrieves the specified generated data file of MARC records.

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Filter the Records by a Query in JSON Format

POST /v6/bibs/query

Returns a list of records that satisfy the JSON query.

See Creating a JSON Query for information about the structure of Sierra JSON queries.

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Get a Bib by Record ID

GET /v6/bibs/{id}

Returns a single bib object with the specified record ID.

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Get the MARC Data for a Single Bib Record

GET /v6/bibs/{id}/marc

Returns MARC data for the specified bib record.

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Get a List of Metadata

GET /v6/bibs/metadata

Returns material type metadata. If a language parameter is supplied and that language is configured in Sierra, data returned is in the supplied language; otherwise, data is returned in English.

See Material Types Table in the Sierra WebHelp for more information on how material types are used in the Sierra system.

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Find Bib Information using Advanced Word Search (AWS) by Author, Title, or Keyword

GET /v6/bibs/search

Performs a keyword search using the AWS index. Required parameters are text, which specifies the term you are searching for. The optional index parameter allows you to search a segment of the AWS index. You can find a list of supported search segments at:


Note that some search segments might not be configured on your Sierra system. See API Keyword Search for further information.

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